About Us

Assured Jobs is one of the many internet virtual marketplaces that allows freelancers and outsourcing companies to come together to work on projects. It is based in California and has been on the web since 1999. Elance allows a business to post a job opening and invites freelance workers who believe they have the requisite skills for the job to make a bid. The company charges a $10 fee to each business to post a job and also takes a small portion of what gets paid to contractors.

What does Assured Jobs offer?

  • A talent pool of over 100,000 freelance contractors, some of whom are the best in the world at what they do
  • Enables providers to create profiles which showcase their talents
  • Various plans, including a free membership
  • Easy access to thousands of jobs, no more sifting through the classifieds
  • Job opportunities for various skill sets including programmers and writers
  • If you successfully complete a contract you will not be messed around. Elance ensures that all contractors and employers are treated fairly
  • Posting or applying for a job is quick and easy
  • You can link it to your bank account and transfer money as you see fit
  • Assured Jobs allows companies and providers to communicate quickly and effectively

Elance Pros

  • An incredible amount of choice for employers and providers
  • The ability to choose between paying for a membership or taking a free one with slightly less privileges
  • Guaranteed payment once an assignment is completed
  • Having a good profile entices clients to you
  • The jobs pay pretty well

Elance Cons

Although it offers a great service, the level of competition means that you have to be persistent if you want to get constant work. Really there is little else to complain about. The employer has to pay a $10 start up fee but that's a drop in the ocean and 'free' sites make this money up by taking a much higher percentage than Elance does. Generally speaking, Elance tends to attract employers with a higher budget than the free sites. This is good news for those who are tired of having to compete with workers from nations with a lower cost of living. Someone living in the United States for example is not going to be able to work for $3 an hour. While there are one or two projects of this nature knocking around on the site, it is generally a site where employers with big budgets are looking for quality freelancers.