Self Improvement Tips: Changing careers for the better

With the New Year approaching you may be thinking of changing jobs for the better. There are many reasons why an individual might want to change jobs or careers. The decision to switch jobs lies within the employee hopefully, although some workers do find themselves fired for one reason or another. Here I list a few of the top reasons why people change jobs for the better. This is not a hard and fast list, but is some of the reasons I consider to be the most important.

1.    You are bored with your current position . Perhaps you are employed in a mediocre job or feel you just exist in your current career. Boredom can lead to making careless mistakes at work clearly showing disinterest in the job and in extreme cases get you fired from the workplace.

2.    No advancement. You may have had enough of your job if you feel there is no foreseen advancement in the company or organization of which you are currently employed.

3.    Low pay Low pay is often the reason why many people change jobs. Maybe it is due to getting turned down for a raise you deserve or perhaps you just feel stuck at a minimum wage job with no end in sight. Either way, financial reasons can be a good reason to change jobs for the better.

4.    Mistreatment. Many times workers feel unappreciated or feel that their workplace uses them and really does not appreciate the quality of their work. Bosses should be gracious and appreciate their workers without them companies and organizations would not be able to operate and thrive.

5.    Sexual Harassment. Sexual Harassment is a touchy subject and I have been through it many times. It's not fun to go through and not a compliment by any means for women or men. Both women or men can fall victim to sexual harassment it is very real and should be addressed with your Human Resource Director in confidence. You don't have to take it and it is best to say something about the issue early on don't wait to address the problem.

6.    Benefits. Unfortunately, many jobs of today do you not offer health benefits. This is something which is necessary for everyone. You may leave a job to take another one which offers better benefits and this is totally acceptable. Companies which offer full health benefits are often the best to work for those that pay 100% of medical costs are even better to consider when looking for a new job.

These are just a few reasons individuals change jobs. The only person who can make a decision about leaving a job is you. Think before you leap and consider what you will be losing or gaining if you leave your current job.