Develop Apps from Scratch with Android Development Course

Okay!!! So you are fond of the hi-tech technology. The modern arena has undergone so many transformations and one of the biggest inventions is Android. In a short time period, there is hype in the number & type of the devices that they have become an inseparable part of the human life which is constantly emerging. To become the master of the most trending platform across the world, Etude Pro – A leading Android Training Institute in Ludhiana is giving you the most advanced and professional course of Android Development.


Android is a powerful and trending Linux based operating system which is developed by Google and later on by OHA (Open Handset Alliance). Android has different code names like Lollipop, Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Ice cream, Sandwich, Froyo, Ecliar and Donut etc. and uses JAVA language to for coding mostly. Not only in mobiles, after the consortium with 84 different brands like Google, Samsung, AKM, Synaptics, KDDI, Intel etc.

Android nowadays have become one of the leading app development framework to build the innovative apps. Every company these days builds their android apps to enhance their business and to increase the market value. Android operating software is originally developed in California in 2003 while the OHA was established by Google on 5th November, 2007.

Android Coaching Institute in Ludhiana

Etude Pro offers the best android training in Ludhiana. Why to be a usual programmer when you can be an Android Expert? Etude Pro offers you the 3 and 6 months training of the Android development. Under the guidance of the android experts who are always updated with the latest information of android, you will learn the Android Business App development, website app development and also the android game development. You will given the opportunity to work on the live projects of android which would help you get better understanding of the real world problems.

At Etude Pro Android Training Institute in Ludhiana, our experts will give you the best Google-authorized best Android training. In the android course, you will learn the basics of the android studio, default integrated development environment (IDE) to develop Android apps including user interfaces (UI), multimedia APIs etc to the advanced concepts like wireless connectivity, cloud synchronization, Google Play etc. So, Join Etude Pro today, for the most happening course of the tech i.e. android app development.

Future Scope

Android holds the approximately 82% of the Worldwide Smart-phone Market. It is predictable that the universal mobile market will exceed the trillion dollar mark by 2017 and the number of mobile subscribers will be well over 5 billion and will rise continually. Is there a need to say more? You can get diverse and number of jobs after the android training such as;


Training Course Curriculum

Basic Concepts [25 Hours [1 Month]]
  • Android Studio Architecture
  • Android Emulator
  • Android Mainfest
  • UI Widgets
  • UI Screen Orientation
  • Button | Toast | Toggle Button | Check Box | Alert Dialog | Spinner
  • Rating Bar | Web View | Seek Bar | Date Picker | Time Picker
  • Analog & Digital | Progress Bar
  • Activity
  • Implicit | Explicit Intent
  • Fragments
  • Option | Context | Popup Menu
Advance Concepts [50 Hours [2 Months]]
  • Android Services
  • Android Preferences
  • SQLite | SQLite Queries
  • XML | JSON Parsing
  • Media Player | Recording Media
  • Android Speech
  • Android Telephony
  • Bluetooth | WiFi Connectivity
  • Camera | Sensor Handling
  • Graphics | Animations
  • Android Web Services

Why Etude Pro is the right choice for you?

The android experts at Eude Pro will help you to create an android app, you will learn XML for front end development, Kotlin Language for back end development in an android course. Etude Pro offers the professional android course for the fresher as well as for professionals. You will get the experience in application creation, graphics etc. you will be given the live projects for working and you will also learn to create the latest game loops which is skill demanding application. Join Etude Pro for the best learning experience of android development. Along with this you will get the;

  • Well Qualified & Experienced Faculty.
  • Printed Study Material.
  • Real Time Assignments/Live Projects.
  • Regular Testing.
  • Small Batch Size & Personal Attention.
  • Fully Air Conditioned Classrooms.

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