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Do you fumble a lot while expressing yourself and talking to other or you got rejected in any interview just because you can’t speak fluent English!!! Yeaahh…Language can be a barrier to your career. Surprisingly, the dilemma of English is graving the Indian land too. With the modernization, it is important to learn and speak English almost in every field. Do not worry. Improve your English writing and speaking skills today by joining Etude Pro, the best spoken English institute in Ludhiana.

Spoken English Course

From business to basic school levels, superior writing and impressive communication skills can benefit your life. Improved speaking and writing skills can change your life personally as well as professionally. Around the world, 840 million people speak English. Though we start learning English in very first class but still unable to speak English fluently. The spoken English course is for you if you;

• You have little or no knowledge of English at all and want to learn English properly
• You want to gain confidence in English
• Your spoken English is influenced by your local language and mother tongue
• You get puzzled with words in English
• You want to learn the new accent

Etude Pro’s result speaks for itself makes it ideal English Speaking Course in Ludhiana.

Spoken English Institute in Ludhiana

Etude Pro offers you a 6 months course in advanced spoken English in Ludhiana. Now, if you have decided to take a road to learn English, you will need the smart native speakers to communicate with you face to face. Etude Pro presents you the credit eligible course that aims to help the students and adults to communicate by improving their composition and writing ability.

Good Spoken English is our key to the world and a path to an assortment of new accomplishments. Poor English speaking eclipses all the numerous qualities and skills of a person. In today’s era, countless multinational companies (MNCs) have been setting up their huge organizations in India and will rise in future too. Now, you can make your career bright in India too, if you are a proficient speaker of English. There is a vast demand of professionals to gratify the needs of the ever mounting hi-tech, multinationals or even Indian corporate organizations. So fulfill your dream to work in the leading companies by joining Etude Pro’s Advanced English Speaking Course in Ludhiana.

Spoken English Course Outline

Course Name:Spoken English
Duration:3 Months
Topic Covered: Word study, Vocabulary, Sentence structure, Listening, Speaking, Word Classes, Grammar and Video Role play

Career Prospects after English Speaking Course

To land a job, fluency in English and Confidence are necessary. Good command of English can get you the following jobs;

  • English Language Trainer
  • Editor
  • Publishing Jobs (Newspaper, Magazine)
  • Author
  • Public Relations
  • Technical Writer
  • Script Writer and Copywriter
  • BPOs/ KPOs
  • MNCs

English Speaking Course Curriculum

Grammar is the mode in which a language organizes and constructs itself. Etude Pro English Speaking Institute in Ludhiana is now giving you grounding in English. This course will teach you how to create the sort of writing which is required in present and the upcoming digital world. Apart from the grammar, you will learn;


  • Skimming, scanning, detailed reading, unknown word recognition, summarization, reading articles, magazines etc.


  • Essay writing (patterns of organization, paragraph formation, topic sentence etc),
  • Functions: Generalization, definitions, classification, comparison, interpretation of data etc), Styles: Active, Passive sentence constructions,
  • Punctuation etc.


  • General comprehension (listening for gist, listening for detailed information, evaluation of important information), Lectures (identifying the topic and main themes, identifying relationships among major ideas, group listening etc)


  • Seminar skills, Presentation skills, Group discussions, debate and mock interviews etc

Why choose Etude Pro for English Speaking Course?

Etude Pro, the Best English Speaking Institute helps to accomplish your goals i.e. help the non-native English speakers to expand their spoken communication and to analyze the impact of globalization on English. Expert speakers of English will help you to learn the new vocabulary, sharpen your pronunciation skills, helps to learn the foreign and new accent. Even if you have little knowledge of English and wish to speak more natural, effortless English, join Etude Pro’s advanced English Speaking course today.

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