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An Optimum Web Designing Training Institute In Ludhiana

Are you swayed by watching the websites that people log into day after day? Do you have a flare for new designs and love to take the creative challenge and want to see your dynamic website giving value to the business. Even though the internet has been around for more than 25 years, we are still trailblazing. So be a part of this creative world by joining Etude Pro’s advanced web designing course in Ludhiana.

Web Designing

A website is a compilation of the web pages that are accessed or explored on the internet. Web designers use their artistic skills and technical abilities to create and build user sociable, aesthetically pleasing websites. Websites are created by using the tags such as HTML which defines the website content and metadata of every page however, the layout and facade or appearance of the websites are defined by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), FLASH and Java Script. A well designed or organized website offers much more than aesthetics to the clients.

Web Designing Institute in Ludhiana

Etude Pro provides finest Web Designing Institute for novices and experts to sharp creative Skills in Web. There is a 6 week/ month training option to pursue for aspirants and make them rule the internet by becoming web designers. Our advanced web designing course covers all the technicalities of creating responsive websites and deliberated especially for web developers. In the 6 months website designing training, under the guidance of experts, you learn to create the dynamic websites using the latest techniques in web designing such as Flat UI Design, Micro UX, Varied typography, monochromatic designs, hyper color, fixed position content/ navigation, Compact Sidebars, Parallax designs, SVG Animation, Storytelling Design etc.

There will be great demand for the trained and skilled web designers, web developers or graphic designers. Etude Pro, web development institute in Ludhiana follows all the superlative web designing principles with the additional user interface (UI) and latest technologies in the web designing course. So, join the Etude Pro today to rule the web later.

Job Opportunities and Further Benefits

Web designing is a hi-tech practice that transcends the door to national and international boundaries. Web designing jobs require a blend of an artistic talent, technical knowledge, business savvy with one’s skills. Join this booming industry of web designing by enrolling in Etude Pro and opting correct career option.

  • Web Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Mobile J Query Expert
  • Web Game Developer
  • Front and Back End Developer
  • Digital Artist
  • Digital Imaging Specialist
  • E-commerce Site Develop
  • Web Promotion Executive
  • Design Consultant
  • Flash Media Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Freelance Designer

Training Course Curriculum

Creative Web designing
  • Web, Graphics Designing
  • Mobile Layout Design (Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator)
  • Working with Raster, Vector & Bitmap Graphics
  • Icons and Logo Designing
  • Print Media Learning
  • Web Application Interfaces
Flash Based Animation
  • Flash based Website Designing and Development
  • Creating animated contents to be integrated into a website
  • Animated Banners and other Web Components
  • Audio and Video Using Flash
  • Creating E-greetings
  • E-Presentations
  • Creating Contents for the E-learning
HTML – CSS3 with Dreamweaver
  • Slicing the Templates
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Adding Containers, Content and Links
  • Styling Headings, Body Text and Footers
  • Geo-location on Mobile Websites
  • Local Storage
  • Styling and Repositioning Navigation Links
  • Adding Images to Mobile Site
  • Adding Videos to Your Mobile Website
  • Mobile Forms
  • Using Latest CSS Techniques
Responsive Web Designing
  • Creating and Slicing Multiple-Sized Banner Images in Photoshop
  • Linking to CSS Files with Media Queries
  • Setting the Viewport Scale
  • JavaScript in Mobile Websites
  • JQuery Mobile
  • Dynamic Menus
  • Dynamic Container
  • Swapping High-Resolution Graphics for Retina Displays
  • JQuery & JavaScript Animated Banners & Web Components
  • Using HTML5 & CSS3 for Responsive Web Design
  • Viewports and Media Queries
  • Mobile Testing Using Emulators

How Etude Pro Ludhiana’s Web Designing Course is Different?

A website should give the visitors an exciting experience and the next generation business demands the simple, smart and mobile friendly websites which are suitable for every device and helps to build traffic. For this, you must learn the advanced skills and techniques. At Etude Pro, our expert web designer will help you to create some great website design (UI & UX) . We strive to create a unified web design environment that empowers the web designers to not only create the dynamic websites but also to solve the real web issues. Aside from these amenities, you may acquire;

  • Proficient and Experienced Faculty Members
  • Innovative and Contemporary Working Systems
  • Engaging Study Content- Student Friendly
  • Interactive and Real Time Project Assessment
  • Regular Performance Assessment
  • Small Batch with Individual Heed
  • Air Conditioners Installed for cosy atmosphere.
  • Reasonable Web Designing Fee

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